Your members have blogs too

Apparently Queensland Teachers’ CU in Australia recently re-designed their home page.  Some of those changes included a welcome page, or splash page.  Hopefully QTCU is paying attention to the blogosphere and is aware that one of their members is voicing their concern.  I’d love to see QTCU comment on the author’s site about their new home page, but that could be wishfully thinking.  As I’m sure William can attest to, sometimes getting involved in the debate online can be risky.  Just a great reminder, members carry on conversations about CU all of the place.  Make sure you are paying attention!

Simple and Clean

Imagine if you could make a credit union web site as simple (and gorgeous) as Snooth.  A real simple home banking login in the top right corner, and the massive search box in the middle.  Some CU’s are using virtual assistants (like Julie at Coast Capital) and some CU’s are using voice recognition for telephone banking.  Why not take that concept to your website with a search box?  Your members could search for locations or open new account or history or CEO and hopefully find what they are looking for.  Snooth even has, "Can I see some examples" to help those out who would have a hard time using a search box to find what they are looking for.  I’m by no means a web design pro, but this seems like it would make a killer CU site!