Crazy week at the GAC!

I’m finally pulling my head up out of the ground after the GAC!  I didn’t have any time to post anything on the blog, but I did get a few things up on Twitter.  Being part of the Oregon Credit Union League, we met up with our state senators, had receptions, visited the Senate building and quite a few other things.  It was a crazy busy week.  Had dinner with Brent, Morris and Adam from, some of the fine folks with Old West FCU, Kirk Drake from Ongoing Operations, and quite a few others.  It was a crazy week.  I was also fighting a gnarly cold the whole week and I thought I’d kick it when I got home but it only got worse.  I got home late Friday night, gave up, and went to the doctor on Tuesday only to find out I have bronchitis.  Oh yeah, I’ve got grand jury this week and next, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Anyways, GAC was awesome and I’d encourage anyone who can go to find a way to make it happen.  It was awesome seeing 4700 CU people all in the same place.

Forum’s 2008 Partnership Symposium

Forum Solutions LogoSo William beat me to the punch and Forum Solutions already updated their website, but in case you haven’t heard I’ll be speaking at the symposium this year!  My topic is entitled Solutions to Meet Member Needs (or something close to that) and I’ll speak about some of the ways MaPS Credit Union has taken a problem or a need of the credit union and turned them into a CUSO opportunity.

And now after getting some more info today, I’m a little scared.  Not only is Shevlin going to be there, but he will be interviewing the speakers right afterwords and facilitating the audience participation and questions!  Hopefully I won’t be putting this up on my blog, but you never know.  In addition, the level of speakers participating this year is phenomenal and I can only hope to live up to Tim’s awesome presentation last year!  If memory serves, nearly everyone used Keynote last year, which was very pretty, but I’ll be sticking it out with my Vista laptop and Powerpoint, or maybe some fancy mind map thing like Doug did.  I just have to picture everyone in their underwear, right?

In transit to Forum’s Partnership Symposium

Airports with free wifi are cool.  Portland has it and apparently Vegas has it.  I’ve been gone all this past weekend and now I’m getting to catch on the blogosphere.

Flying Southwest today for the first time and it is pretty interesting the different demographic that flies on Southwest.  They seem to be very similar to CU members….  More to come from the conference later…

WCUL 007 Part Deux

I’m finally home after the large flying debacle at HorizonWCUL 007 went pretty well this year.  Probably somewhere over 100 exhibitors and lots of credit union participants.  It is great to see that many credit unions in one place together!

I went to a few seasons, the first being from Elaine Whitton at Advanced Reporting, one of our CUSO’s that does employment and tenant screening.  I also sat through Brent and Trey from Trabian and The Waz’s session on social media on Thursday afternoon.  It’s always refreshing watching credit union execs react when they learn how Second Life really works.  Sheri from Verity was also there and makes an awesome example of a CU blogging.

Overall, it was a great time and I can’t wait to get back to it next year!

WCUL Convention

The entourage of us just landed in Spokane earlier today and setup two booths in the "ballroom".  I’m here with CU Wireless, MaPS’ cell phone CUSO, and Advanced Reporting, our employment/tenant/background/credit check company.  I’ll be bouncing around between the two booths all week, so if anyone is in town, drop on by!

I’ll be posting any relevant updates for the goings-ons at the trade show as well as heckling Trey and Brent from the back of the room during their session.  Beautiful day in Spokane and can’t wait for the rest of the week!

By the way, WCUL is the Washington Credit Union League.