What can credit unions learn from Facebook?

Facebook recently announced their move to translate the site into different languages for use all over the world.  Facebook, facing a massive translation project, did what any good web 2.0 company would do: make their users do it.

Facebook has created an app called Translations that lets users translate phrases and then vote on their accuracy.  What a great way to take on a large and normally internal project.

What could credit unions stand to learn from this?  What could we “outsource” to our members?  Product development comes to my mind first.  Let our members tell us what they want.

Source: Mashable

UPDATE:  The link in the Mashable article to the Facebook translations page doesn’t work.  It seems Mashable got a little ahead of themselves or Facebook had a slight leak.  Either way, the concept is still firm.  How could credit unions take advantage of this trend?