Speaking on CUSO’s…

I’m getting ready to head out to sunny Orlando for the Educator’s Credit Union Council annual conference. I’m doing a session with Ray Cromer from United Solutions Company, a CUSO out of Tallahassee. Here’s sneak peak at the presentation I’m making on Tuesday during my session. Any thoughts or comments are always welcome!

UPDATE: If you’d like the entire presentation, including the notes which will fill in a few of the blanks, you can download it here.

It’s no Keynote, but…

I put together my first presentation for CUES earlier this week and posted the preview to it on the fi-linx blog.  My goal was to have zero bullet points.  Deposit Reclassification is a very boring, detailed topic that is not very interested to anyone but a CFO so I tried to make it half-way entertaining.  Needless to say, if you ever wanted to know what I really do, take a look at the presentation.  The download has all of the notes for each slide as well.  It is designed for me to walk the audience through the concept so it may make more sense with the notes.

I intently studied some of Tim’s awesome presentations with Keynote and I was very impressed.  Keynote rocks, but I’ll leave the crapple* to the apple “fan boys”.   And Denise.

*crapple – combintation of crack apple or crap apple, depending on your point of view.