I’m not gettin’ any action

… from any of the credit union blog-o-sphere lately.  Matt is one of my great friends in the industry, but his recent post on “Steve” is another example of what seems to be wrong with the majority of credit union and bank blogs.  All of this theoretical talk about how we should serve our members, what our core purpose is, why don’t we have a national marketing campaign, etc, etc.  I care about the Steve’s of the world, and more importantly the national trend for lack of personal responsibility, but more important to me is what can credit unions do to succeed.  I don’t want them to think about hypothetical situations or what-ifs.

For the industry to be successful in the long run and not get regulated out of existence, we need to succeed in our niche and do it very well.  I’m part of the credit union blog-o-sphere and I care for everyone in it, but we need to do a much better job at creating actionable items for credit unions to “take home” with them.  We need to cross NBC’s The More You Know campaign with blog posts and white papers.  I want the readership of my blog to read a post of say, “Wow, that is something we can accomplish at our credit union and I’m going to do it.”  McApline’s 30 things in 30 days series is one of the closest things I’ve seen to this.  It provides credit unions with examples and a road map of what to do and how to do it.  Granted, not every CU is going to implement a private, white-label CRM, or use internet video, but the series does provide some of the nitty gritty details that are need to get my job done.

Nitty gritty is not fun.  It is not sexy.  It is not the latest social media trend or technology.  It is, however, the foundation of a credit union, without which a CU never exist.