to try, test, experience, prove

That is the definition of experiri (in Latin) and it also represents the first set of product offerings from CU Innovators.

Frequently, projects we’re working on for clients create discussions around solutions that are missing from the credit union industry. Other times, problems not associated with our current projects are brought up by clients as a “wouldn’t it be nice if” kind of thing. We’re trying to fix some of those “things”.

experiri is our outlet to test new ideas, new business models, and other things we think could help the credit union industry. It is easy to talk about innovation in credit unions, but it is a whole other thing to actually encourage people to try. So experiri is our stake in the ground. This is our corner of the innovative industry that credit unions could be.

Our first product, slated to be available next week, is technology related and aims to make credit union data readily available to be “mashed-up” into online applications, market research, and other tools for credit unions. Our second product, due for release in May, is in the social media space, and we’ll give you a hint: Christopher Morriss just mentioned this as a pain point for him on Twitter.

Stay tuned for more information!