Join the Conversation (Book Review)

It took me a while to finally get around to it, but on my vacation this summer I had the opportunity to read Joseph Jaffe’s Join the Conversation.

For those of us already embedded into social media at our various organizations, much of the content of the book will be a review for you.  But Join the Conversation is a great tool for those folks in your credit union who are new to social media and need a little helping hand in why it is so important to get involved.

In Chapter 12, Jaffe lists 33 ways to get involved in the conversation and this is precisely what more credit unions need to do.  Things such as Google Alerts, Digg, tracking product names, company website linking, key brand phrases, etc.  Jeffry Pilcher just wrote about an Ohio bank who learned what this could cost you the hard way.  It is incredibly important for credit unions to be aware of the tools and options they have for tracking their brand image.  Much like the newspaper clippings services from the days of yore, tracking your brand, and the conversation around it, is a must.

If you have some hesitant execs kicking around your CU, make sure they read this book.  It’ll help them understand why you feel so passionately about this social media stuff.