A kid in a candy store

Life is crazy. I’ve got a lot of cool projects coming down the pipe that I can’t wait to share with everyone. I’ve got a super-sweet secret project going with the great Brent Dixon, some kick butt online banking stuff that nobody is doing, and a few other little tricks up my sleeve.

I was in DC for the GAC a few weeks back now, and as usual, it was a tremendous conference. I would highly recommend attending it anytime you can if you can swallow the pill and fork out the dough to say in DC.  

Times are good and I love credit unions.

Crazy week at the GAC!

I’m finally pulling my head up out of the ground after the GAC!  I didn’t have any time to post anything on the blog, but I did get a few things up on Twitter.  Being part of the Oregon Credit Union League, we met up with our state senators, had receptions, visited the Senate building and quite a few other things.  It was a crazy busy week.  Had dinner with Brent, Morris and Adam from everythingcu.com, some of the fine folks with Old West FCU, Kirk Drake from Ongoing Operations, and quite a few others.  It was a crazy week.  I was also fighting a gnarly cold the whole week and I thought I’d kick it when I got home but it only got worse.  I got home late Friday night, gave up, and went to the doctor on Tuesday only to find out I have bronchitis.  Oh yeah, I’ve got grand jury this week and next, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Anyways, GAC was awesome and I’d encourage anyone who can go to find a way to make it happen.  It was awesome seeing 4700 CU people all in the same place.