CheckChecker Beta Testing Opportunity

The CUSO that I’m slowly migrating to, FiLinx, is getting ready to release our second product, a simple check fraud tool called CheckChecker that is designed to be used by front-line staff. Each CU gets a specific url and can pass that url around to the entire CU. No logins or passwords for tellers to have to use. They simply type in a routing number and are presented with real-time info from the Federal Reserve about the routing number itself as well as a fraud alerts, if any, from organizations like the FDIC, NCUA, CUNA, etc.

You must be a CU to participate and all you need to do is go to the registration page here. This is out of "alpha" and is fully functioning in beta with two clients already. In the first month of usage, one of the CU’s stopped a $4800 bad check that normally would have come through. Naturally we’re looking for beta testers to test out he product, well actually have their tellers test the product, and give us any feedback.

Use the promo code "robsblog_6monThs" (without the quotes) when registering to get 6 months free. After the promo period ends, the cost per month is one dollar per million in asset size. So if the CU is a $500 million dollar CU, they’d only pay $500 a month. We also cap it at $1,000 a month, so if a $2 billion dollar CU uses it, it is still only $1,000 a month.  Oh, and it is free for credit unions below $25M in assets (all 5,376 of you).

If you have any questions for feedback, leave them on the blog here or email me.