Credit Unions on Facebook

So my CU just started a Facebook group. Woo hoo!  Now the question is how do you make your members that are on Facebook aware of this?  Buy ad space?  Adopt the “if you build it, they will come” mentality?  The first idea that actually crossed my mind was to grab the names and emails out of our core or online banking and treat them like regular old contacts which Facebook can upload and find your members that have Facebook accounts.  That way the invite would only go to members already on Facebook.  But then the paranoid side came out of me and I started to think that we’d feel a little wierd uploading a list of our members’ names and email to Facebook.

How would you guys feel if your CU invited you to join their group?  Are credit unions suddenly rubbing off on me and making me overly paranoid about privacy?  We’d invite the members through Facebook so only Facebook members would see the invite.  We would not send it to all of our online banking members as I can see issues arising.


If only email was more like…

Take a short trip back in time with me…

I think that email should only be controlled by a selected group of companies around the United States.  Heaven forbid that anyone could send an email!

Then each of those companies could charge money for every email sent across Al Gore’s internet.  Nothing big, just a penny or two per email would suffice.  That would stop spam, right?

As the need for email grows, said companies decide they can make more money charging other people to use their email service in bulk.  So they decide to let small companies send files to the big boys for processing and charge them a file fee.

Pretty soon Joe Consumer decides email is cool because he uses it at work and decides he wants his own.  Well, only a few of those big boys offer service to the little folks so he pays $.50 for every email he sends because he can’t get a bulk discount.

The popularity of email takes off and the big boys, trying to make the little folk happy, say, “Hey, since we are so nice, we are going to process all of your emails every morning!  That way it’ll only take a few days to get to the destination!”

That all sounds like fun, right?  Can you imagine waiting for email for days?  Or even the thought of paying for them?

So why in the world do we accept it when we transfer our own money with ACH?!?!