The Best Potatoes

Seriously, if I had money, I would just do things like this. Screw committees and politics. Insert credit union everywhere they say potato and we have a darn near great national credit union campaign.

I’d send an invite for each league president to bring themselves and one credit union CEO to a shoot and they’d have a script not to far from this.

WCUL 007 Part Deux

I’m finally home after the large flying debacle at HorizonWCUL 007 went pretty well this year.  Probably somewhere over 100 exhibitors and lots of credit union participants.  It is great to see that many credit unions in one place together!

I went to a few seasons, the first being from Elaine Whitton at Advanced Reporting, one of our CUSO’s that does employment and tenant screening.  I also sat through Brent and Trey from Trabian and The Waz’s session on social media on Thursday afternoon.  It’s always refreshing watching credit union execs react when they learn how Second Life really works.  Sheri from Verity was also there and makes an awesome example of a CU blogging.

Overall, it was a great time and I can’t wait to get back to it next year!

WCLU stuff

I had the brief opportunity to visit the Washington Credit Union League Trade Show/Convention on Wednesday. My visit was cut short by another engagement the following day, but I was able walk around for a few hours on Wednesday afternoon.

I wasn’t able to attend any of the sessions such as Creating a Community Development Program for your Credit Union, already reviewed by OSCU here or the session about the Vantage credit scoring by Art Kics which I also heard good things about. But I walking around the booths at the trade show and I felt……..bored. I hate to say it, but there just wasn’t anything there that got me exciting.

Now I know lots of people thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and I’m sure lots of great discussions were had by all, but I guess I was just less than thrilled by the normal, ho-hum products. About the only booth I remember was ESP’s. It had a cool flat screen display and modern looking booth!

I do think that WCLU put on a good showing. The DoubleTree was nice, accomodations were good, and the company was great. I’m looking forward to the next one, but I just want to see something new, bright, and exciting.

I guess I’d just like to park my chair right between a Trabian/OSCU booth and a Zopa booth!