Forum’s 2008 Partnership Symposium

Forum Solutions LogoSo William beat me to the punch and Forum Solutions already updated their website, but in case you haven’t heard I’ll be speaking at the symposium this year!  My topic is entitled Solutions to Meet Member Needs (or something close to that) and I’ll speak about some of the ways MaPS Credit Union has taken a problem or a need of the credit union and turned them into a CUSO opportunity.

And now after getting some more info today, I’m a little scared.  Not only is Shevlin going to be there, but he will be interviewing the speakers right afterwords and facilitating the audience participation and questions!  Hopefully I won’t be putting this up on my blog, but you never know.  In addition, the level of speakers participating this year is phenomenal and I can only hope to live up to Tim’s awesome presentation last year!  If memory serves, nearly everyone used Keynote last year, which was very pretty, but I’ll be sticking it out with my Vista laptop and Powerpoint, or maybe some fancy mind map thing like Doug did.  I just have to picture everyone in their underwear, right?

In transit to Forum’s Partnership Symposium

Airports with free wifi are cool.  Portland has it and apparently Vegas has it.  I’ve been gone all this past weekend and now I’m getting to catch on the blogosphere.

Flying Southwest today for the first time and it is pretty interesting the different demographic that flies on Southwest.  They seem to be very similar to CU members….  More to come from the conference later…