Outsourced CU

Back in September, Filene issued a call out to the industry for assistance in creating what boils down to an Applied Research division.  So far, we’ve already seen the CU Water Cooler come out of Matt Davis and I know we’ll be seeing some good stuff from Brent Dixon shortly.

I’m going to take  a gamble and put my more detailed response out for comment.  I feel very strongly that by collaborating and removing operational barriers to success, credit unions can bust out of the funk we’re in and take it to the next level.  I’ve put together a rough draft white paper on what I call the Outsourced CU.  I want to use the many Filene collaboration initiatives to make this happen.

If you’ve got a few minutes, give it a read.  If you love it, email George Hofheimer at Filene and let him know what you think.  If you think I’m crazy, well, just go easy.

Collaboration on a Car Operating System

At our recent BarCampBankSeattle event, we had quite a few discussions around core processors and opportunities in the marketplace.  Hopefully we’ll have some more posts about that in the future, but here is some related news from the far east.  It appears that Japanese car manufacturers also see an opportunity to have an in-car operating system and Toyota, Honda, and Nissan have all joined forces to create this dedicated operating system.

These car makers see that the current offerings can’t meet their demands, so in a true, collaborative effort, will put their money and minds together to create the perfect product they need.  CU’s have an opportunity to do the same.

The original Engadget article is located here.