It is finally offical.  BarCampBankVegas is now on the calendar.  In typical BarCamp fashion, it’ll be a day long event on a Saturday.  This particular Saturday, May 2nd, is the day before the  NACUSO Annual Convention.  And in Las Vegas fashion, it will be held from 1PM to 9PM, as nobody is really up in Vegas before 10 or 11.  

For those of you who aren’t familiar with NACUSO, the are the trade association for, you guessed, CUSO’s.  The conference offically starts on Monday, but the obligatory golf tourney and dinner beforehand is Sunday.  We’re hoping to get a lot of credit union people attendance that would not normally attend such an event and introduce them to the concept of BarCamps.  It will be hosted at the Wynn.  We’ve got three rooms set aside for us to use with the standard A/V if need.  Staying at the Wynn can run a pretty penny, so as an alternate, Treasure Island is right accross the street and it has rates that are a little less expensive.

Anyone who is interested in helping get some of the logistics figured our, either locally or remotely, would be great appreciated and can register on the BCBVegas website.  We will also be looking for a limited amount of sponors to help offset the cost of the food and such.  Once we get a good feel on the cost of the food, I’ll put something up on Eventbrite so everyone can actually start registering in a few months.

If anyone has any thoughts, comments, questions, or ideas, let me know!

NACUSO and Finovate

Hindsight being 20-20, I wish I could have been in two places at once.  We had a MaPS entourage at NACUSO (4 employees and a board member) and we had a great time.  The conference was in the Wynn and very well put together.  Personally, I get more out of the networking opportunities during the days and nights than I do out of the sessions.  NACUSO’s big thing now is the Center for Collaboration and Innovation.  Maybe I’m just being cynical, but it seems many of the large CU’s say they want collaboration but don’t really support that.  They also say they want innovation, but I’ll bet less than 1% of the attendees of NACUSO knew Finovate was going on.

The products and discussions going on at Finovate is where the true innovation currently is in financial services and I feel like so many credit union folks are completely missing the boat.  The NACUSO conference was awesome and I’ll go back next year as long as it isn’t the same time as Finovate.  We’ve got to find a way to get the people and companies at Finovate to interact with CU people.  That may be at NACUSO or somewhere else, but I think the real opportunities for innovation are happening outside of the CU industry at the moment.  NACUSO, Filene, and many others are trying to change that, but right now it seems many of the future-building conversations are happening at BarCamps, Finovate, or elsewhere.