I’m not sure about the name, but Banktastic looks cool!

My earlier post this week,  Making RSS Easy, stirred up a great pot.  Mark over at the Garland Group has been working on exactly what I was talking about.

Banktastic is, "A community helping bankers quickly find relevant, industry specific information and share it with others".  While I can pick on Mark about the name, the work they (he) has done to aggregate RSS feeds is awesome.  The page that lists all of the feeds is here.  This is the Credit Union Feed and this is the Master Feed.  I can’t wait to share this with my peers!

Making RSS easy

I’m continually finding myself talking to more executive level employees about ideas generated from the blogosphere (like Doug’s funeral plot lending) and the sources of the ideas.  Most of them are now familiar with the the term blog and kinda have a grasp of it, but now we need to make the information easy to consume.  Subscribing to RSS feeds is fairly easy to do with the appropriate tools (Google Reader, Outlook 2007, etc) however keeping tabs on all of the sources of information is challenging.  Open Source CU has a great blogroll that’s pretty inclusive, but doesn’t catch everything CU related, try as they might. 

So what I want to be able to do is provide one, or maybe two, feeds to c-level employees, or anyone else interested, to simplify their consumption of feeds as well as the management.  I’ve been looking everywhere for a community-like tool in which a group of people (myself, Trabian, Garland Group, Gene, Ron, etc) would be able to contribute and manage a list of RSS feeds that simply aggregate into one massive feed.  That way instead of trying to subscribe to the 50 CU-related feeds or 50 FI-related feeds the new user to RSS could simply pick one or two feeds and have their finger on the pulse of the whole industry.

So to sum it up, I’m first looking to see if there is a tool to aggregate RSS feeds into one simply syndication and if it can be setup to have a group of people manage it…

BarCampBankSeattle Rocks!

Today was the first long day at BarCampBankSeattle and it was pretty amazing.  We’ve got people from all over the blogosphere here sharing and learning.  Jesse Robbins, all the Trabian guys, Brad and Mark from the Garland Group, Tim from Currency Marketing, and Jason from Wesabe just to name a few.  We’ve kicked around an amazing amount of ideas, but I wanted to get down a few that came in our last group conversation of the day.

  1. Here’s a simple incentive plan to make the CU goals align with giving the most back to the members: Assuming you have a well run credit union getting 1% ROA, send 50 basis points to the members in an annual dividend, 25 to staff incentives and 25 to reserves.
  2. Starting a credit union is hard.  Why?  With 8500 credit unions or so we have plenty of expertise to help out.  We need to create an online forum of CU experts to help assist people wanting to start a credit union.  If we could even get just 20 executives from CU’s across the nation from different capacities, we’d have a great resource to help others start CU’s and further the movement.
  3. CU’s can’t get secondary capital to start up, but other CU’s can give them deposits to help them start up.  CU’s could contribute to a startup fund that simply deposits dollars into a new CU.

The ideas are rough, but just wanted to get them out there.  Looking forward to tomorrow but as it is almost 1 AM, I’d probably better call it a night!

UPDATE- How could I forget William and Gene?!?!?

Lambeth Savings & CU in Google Groups

Congrats to Lambeth Savings and CU (in the UK) for being the first credit union to use Google Groups as an outlet for speaking with members. View their Google Groups page here.

As I’ve posted about previously, I believe that CU’s have an opportunity to use Google Groups not only for public communication with members, but also as a means of communication with each other. It’s a great way for CU’s to share info. cu2cu.com also possess the possibility of facilitating those conversations, but it appears nobody but spammers are contributing to the conversation.

The New Blog

Well it is now official. I have moved my blog from Blogger to a hosted version of WordPress. And I’m pretty stoked. WordPress is a lot more powerful that Blogger is when installed on it’s own server.

For anyone with hard links to my site in blogrolls, etc, the new address of my blog is:


Most people have subscribed to my FeedBurner feed and it has already been redirected to my new blog so you shouldn’t have any issues. Anyone seeing this post on Blogger or who subscribed before I started using FeedBurner or hasn’t seen any updates on their feed for a while, double check the feed source. The feed source should be:


If anyone has any issues let me know and I’m looking forward to constructive criticism on the new blog!