America First CU & CU Give

I ran across America First CU today and they seem to know what’s going on. It is one of the better looking CU websites I’ve seen lately (although html and css don’t validate) and the navigation is super easy. They use flash excellently and their ads look amazing. (Check out their press release ads here.)

In addition to having a super site, they are participating with Filene and the CUGive project along with a local competitor here in Oregon, Selco Community CU. CUGive enables your credit union members to volunteer with local charities and other organizations by donating their time.

I love this idea from Filene because it gets to the heart of what credit unions should be about: helping members. Whether is the credit union itself or other members, CU’s exist to benefit all who belong. I applaud Filene, America First, and Selco for taking this wonderfully innovative approach to community service.

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