Don’t print account numbers and SSN’s on envelopes

Unfortunately for Priority One CU, they managed to print the account number and the social security number on the election ballot envelope of Steve Bass, a blogger for PC World, as well as the rest of their membership.  Here’s Steve’s article (on PC World).

Priority One has an opportunity here.The phrase making lemonade out of lemons comes to mind.  The CEO, actually probably marketing, sent letters to the membership informing them of the security breach and they have a notice on their site.  They’ve also given everyone free credit report monitoring for a year, which all seems to be becoming a standard response..  If I was Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., their CEO, I’d personally call Steve and ask him to help start a blog for the CU so they could better communicate with their membership.  They might have a chance to turn one of their unhappy members with a wide audience into one of their biggest proponents.  And maybe redesign the website while they’re at it.

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  1. This is a tough call.

    On one hand, if Mr. Wiggington called Steve, it could be perceived by the broader member base that the CU’s priority is protecting it’s own reputation, and spending it’s time on spin control. Steve is just one member. Does he deserve special treatment because he “has an audience?”

    On the other hand, co-opting Steve into the solution is not a bad idea at all.

    But “redesigning the Web site” is the last thing Priority One should be worried about at the moment.

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