Dell has started making some good progress towards turning the company around and their new IdeaStorm site is awesome.

It just launched on Friday, February 16th, but the content of the site is already taking off. The basic idea behind the site is for current, or potential, Dell customers to submit their ideas on what they want Dell to change/add/remove from their products. All of the content is user generated and visitors to the site can “Promote” ideas and leave comments. This should be a great tool for Dell to use to keep their fingers on the pulse of their customers.

It seems to me that CU’s could make excellent use of technology like this to develop products, fix problems, build branches, etc. Let your members tell you what they want. We work in financial institutions, so our minds are already skewed. We’re not normal customers/members. Give the power over to your member and let them say what they want!

3 thoughts on “IdeaStorm”

  1. Maybe CUNA (or some other national organization) should set up a similar site to get ideas from credit union members through out the world. The results of 3-6 months worth of ideas would definitely be worth some $$$$ to me. (As long as there were alot of ideas)

  2. Maybe at this national site, the member could pick their CU and particiapting CU’s could put a link on their page get ideas of what the specific member want!

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