What? Free WiFi?

You heard me. Free WiFi.

But how?

Whisher is how. Whisher is a software technology that people install at home that enables secure sharing of their WiFi. Anyone in the Whisher community can travel about, find other Whisher members and use their WiFi for free. The software does lock down the connection with WEP or WPA and only Whisher member have access to your network.

I mentioned a while back in my post about CU’s and WiFi that credit unions might have an opportunity to blanket their branches or a brave CUSO might try a whole city! Whisher takes some of the basic credit union philosophies and applies them to sharing WiFi! You can even setup small groups who share their WiFi connections. (I’m thinking we’ll give you a 1% discount on your next loan if you share your WiFi with the ABC Credit Union group. Then CU’s can blanket cities with WiFi for free!)

I love the idea and I can’t wait to use it personally and see how the free service does.

3 thoughts on “What? Free WiFi?”

  1. I hope you will like it! Otherwise please let me know if you have any doubts or issues with the software so that I can help you.Regards,FerranCEO – Whisher

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