GonzoBanker and the BAI conference

Cruising through Terence Roche & Steve Williams article about the BAI conference this past week and came across this wonderful little nugget in their post:

The most interesting thing to watch will be if banks (insert CU’s here) can really let go. Are we really serious about letting the front line drive the place, or will our industry just slip back to aimlessly giving compliments to Starbucks and Steve Jobs?

Read the full GonzoBanker post here.

Everyone in the online community and in some of the conferences around the country have been talking about member-centric this and movement vs industry that. All I’m seeing is talk. CU’s like to think innovatively, but the execution seems pretty poor. I’m going to an little seminar shortly called “Expertise – The Innovation Killer”. I never would have thought expertise is bad, but in my personal experience, it is the “experts” that hold back the innovation in our industry.

How many experts to you have in your CU (or company)?

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  1. As a vendor, we see very few credit unions wanting to be first in line to launch new services/products – or to do things differently for that matter in any aspect of their businesses, be it marketing, operations, etc. For some companies, credit unions’ aversion to risk/change probably would scare them off, but we’re trying from our little corner of credit union land. All we can do as a vendor is (1) preach what we believe to be true (through OSCU for us) and (2) offer products and services that fit that philosophy (social media, more personal websites, and creating disruptive products).

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