Alltop and Credit Unions

I must have been asleep at the wheel, but through the magic of Google’s Webmaster tools (which I hardly look at) I noticed I had been linked to from Alltop’s credit union page!  First I said, “Sweet, Alltop has a credit union page!”  Then I said, “How’d I pull that off?”

For those of you not in the know, Alltop is arguably the biggest news/blog aggregator out there.  They place a handful of sites into categories and let people subscribe to all of the feeds in a given category.  They’ve got everything from the standard fair Politics section to the slightly more obscure Lego section.  If someone is trying to keep up with an industry in general, this is the place to go.

Honestly, I’m slightly disappointed with the selection of the credit union page.  It doesn’t include many of the blogs that I would consider mandatory reading.  I know Alltop’s secret sauce for coming up with the included feeds is really just by the seat of their pants, but I’m still curious as who suggested the category and how they came up with the site list.  I’m more impressed with their banking site as it included Jim, Colin, James, and Jeffry, all of which I would say is required reading.

Anyone one heard how or when the Alltop credit union or banking site got started?  What blogs do you guys feel are missing from the list?

PS – I really want to put one of their cheesy badges on my blog.  They make me laugh.

Like this one: Alltop or this one: Alltop

4 thoughts on “Alltop and Credit Unions”

  1. It has something to do with Guy Kawasaki speaking at America’s Credit Union Conference last year. ‘Nuff said.

    I may or may not have helped seed the first few feeds, but I’m not sure where the others came from (the photostream for example?). I agree that it’s missing some good ones. I’m pretty sure we (or any of your readers) can submit a blog to the page here:

  2. I submitted to Alltop before I realized how irrelevant they are. I get zero traffic from them. I get zero SEO benefits from them. I get no Technorati bonus from them.

    Alltop wanted to create something that was too easy. “We’ll just pull these great sites together and we’ll be awash in traffic.” Ahh, the aggregator’s dream…

  3. Jeffry – I’m only half surprised to hear that. For the council sites, I’ve seen about a dozen referrals a month for them – small yes, but a bit more than zero.

  4. Well Alltop may be sending a handful of referrals, but they don’t fall in my top 100 ever. I get more traffic referrals from Ron’s old “Marketing ROI” blog than them, and that blog has been dead for about a year.

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