What to do with cublogs.org

I’ve been sitting on the domain for a while now and the offer to help CU’s spin up a blog for free proved to be less than popular.  I’ve got the domain now and I’m willing to do whatever with it.

I can’t remember where I heard it, but a user-generated site that lists all of the credit unions that blog would be cool.  That way the busy executive can skip having to look around and follow everyone.  Something like Yahoo Pipes would work but somehow let everyone add sites on to the list.

Maybe donate it to CUES or Callahan or somebody and let them run the list?


6 thoughts on “What to do with cublogs.org”

  1. I like James’ idea. There is a website that does this for craft brewing blogs. It is called the “Really Simple Beer Syndication” and does exactly that. It is a really nice to have a one stop website for all of the blog posts and woudn’t be that hard to set up.

  2. @James – Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m going after.

    The Really Simple Beer Symdication is a perfect example. I tried to see what software they were using to do that but couldn’t figure it out. That’d be the perfect solution if it was some type of open source software and the community could make changes to it on the fly. Any clue what they are using Chris?

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