A kid in a candy store

Life is crazy. I’ve got a lot of cool projects coming down the pipe that I can’t wait to share with everyone. I’ve got a super-sweet secret project going with the great Brent Dixon, some kick butt online banking stuff that nobody is doing, and a few other little tricks up my sleeve.

I was in DC for the GAC a few weeks back now, and as usual, it was a tremendous conference. I would highly recommend attending it anytime you can if you can swallow the pill and fork out the dough to say in DC.  

Times are good and I love credit unions.

1 thought on “A kid in a candy store”

  1. Robbie,

    I love your enthusiasm and it’s so refreshing today – most of what we hear is so much doom and gloom.

    I too am giddy about the opportunities available to credit unions right now.

    Banks are doing a tremendous job educating the public on the difference between banks and credit unions. We are NOT government owned, don’t have to put salary caps on overpaid CEOs and can pay whatever dividends we want to our member/owners (B of A cannot issue more than a penny to stockholders without government approval).


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