BarCamps are cool.  

I’m putting one together.  

A big one.  

I may need help.  

Lots of CU folks with be exposed.  

May 2nd, 2009.  

Vegas Baby!!  

More details to follow.

11 thoughts on “BarCampBank”

  1. You know….the “bankers” have always felt out of place (and have always been outnumbered) at these things……In fact, we’ve always joked it SHOULD be called BarCampCU……..CU in Vegas!

  2. Be it called BarCampBank or BarCampCU, the important thing is that it takes place and that everyone is welcome to participate. Innovation is the real name of the game.

    Back to the name BarCampBank. We do not have such a strong distinction in Europe between Banks and CUs, so we never thought of the name as being one-sided. The important thing anyhow is that anyone interested in innovating in a CU, a bank or as an entrepreneur building an entirely new business model can meet with like minded people and freely exchange ideas during these unconferences.

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