6 thoughts on “Visual and Creative Thinking”

  1. @Ron #5 works good for me too! I think some many CU’s don’t invest in creativity. Sitting in a room coming up with cool ideas is many times looked down upon, if ever done at all. I wish credit unions would invest more time use their sharp employees to simply brainstorm.

  2. I love this slideshow presentation, and plan on sharing it with friends, family & co-workers! It is sad how all too frequently creativity (and making time for it) gets shoved aside in this day & age.

    A book on creative problem solving I highly recommend is “Jack’s Notebook” by Gregg Fraley. It’s even presented in an innovative way — as a business fable, part nonfiction and part fiction. A great read!!

  3. I especially liked the slide about waking up latent childhood abilities. Having a young child you realize just how much creativity is lost as we grow up and “mature”. How many ideas fade away. If children had the sense of business that adults have they’d probably get completely frustrated with the total lack of creativity and freedom there is with business ideas.

    We never get that back and now as adults the best we can hope for is a perceived knowledge of what it was like. I think children should be welcomed into certain businesses on an advisory level – just imagine what could be accomplished then!

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