What’s your criteria for adding to your blogroll?

I received an email last week from a CU vendor that recently launched a new blog and they are trying to get it off the ground.  They asked me to include their blog in my links section and I decided to think about it over the weekend.  I’ve heard the name of the company before, but I wasn’t that familiar with them.  Their site looks great, they’ve got good content in their blog for the niche they fill and they seem like nice people.  But what ultimately makes you add someone to your blogroll?  Quality contributions in comments around the blogosphere?  Good posts on their site?  Pretty mug shots on Twitter and LinkedIn?

14 thoughts on “What’s your criteria for adding to your blogroll?”

  1. I put the blogs that I read regularly as well as those that comment on mine regularly in my blogroll. Basically if they contribute worthwhile content to the blogosphere they make the list.

  2. I am interested to see the comments. When establishing the blog for my Sabbatical with Filene. I didn’t ask anyone to put me on their blogroll (although I thought about it) becuase I figured that if I was involved enough in the blog-o-sphere and the content was worthy, they would add me without me asking. I personally read about 15 blogs.

    I have very few on my blog roll. Open Source, Filene, World Council and CU Tomorrow. I figure if they get from mine to Open Source they can get to all CU blogs. HAHA

  3. @Kent – That’s kinda how I did it as well. I just put a few links on mine at first. Then as I got more involved a more people started linking to me, I would simply return the favor!

  4. Robbie, I received the same e-mail and I think I was the only person to go ahead and add them in return for a link from their blog. In hindsight, I kind of regretted doing this. I am with you, content is King, and up until now, they didn’t really have much content.

    I think the marketer in me decided to give them props for being so bold. Too often, people in the credit union space are too nice and polite! What’s the saying, “the prettiest girl doesn’t get invited to the prom… because everyone assumes she is taken…?” Something like that.

    Good on them for asking (everyone). That’s one way to build cross links and Technorati ranking in a hurry!

  5. I’m the world’s worst when it comes to adding blogs to my blogroll. I have been very negligent in that regard. That said, I’d make sure that your audience would gain value from the sites listed on your roll. If not, leave it off.

    Let’s see…no Currency Marketing link, no Credit Union Warrior link, no CU Communicator link…OK, I’m TIED for the world’s worst blogroller. 🙂

  6. I don’t keep a blogroll, per se…just a short list of things I find interesting to read. And, I don’t do a very good job of keeping that up to date! So, at the risk of losing my blog on your fine Blogroll, Robbie…no, I wouldn’t add anything that someone asked me to add that I didn’t find really interesting and wanted to help other people find. On the other hand, I would add it if I found it interesting if they asked me to or not. This discussion reminds me a lot of the recent comment by enoughalready on the OpenSourceCU blog: http://opensourcecu.com/articles/2008/3/19/what-s-the-deal-with-barcampbanks. Adding links on your blogroll without really appreciating the blog in question can be seen as just another way of “back patting” by an already fairly-incestuous community.

  7. I haven’t set up a blogroll yet, and I’m not sure that I will. My thought is this: I find that blog rolls (many of them at least) take away from the blog itself. Some of them are very long, and they tend to touch upon topics all over the place. From my statistics, it seems that very, very few readers come over from other blogs. I’m sure I can be convinced, but for now – I’m sans roll.

  8. Alright, I just added CU Warrior, CU Communicator, EverythingCU, and Currency Marketing. The world is better now. I also added them to our fi-linx blogroll too. I’m also thinking about instituting a rule that says you have to post at least once a month to stay on the blog roll. What do ya think?

  9. Thanks for the link Robbie.

    I love your idea of mandatory comments to stay on your blogroll. You just guaranteed yourself 20 comments per month (240 comments per year).

    I don’t know what Kirk is talking about. There’s nothing incestuous about that!

    Seriously though, I do like the idea.

  10. I think what Robbie was referring to was that a Blog needs to have at least one blog post per month in order to stay on his blogroll…which certainly seems reasonable if you don’t care to discriminate based upon what you personally find interesting. My guess is that most of the blogs you are considering would easily meet that requirement. Not mine…but most!

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