4 thoughts on “Hopefully they are listening”

  1. According to their (CCU) website, their content is only copyrighted until 2004, so I’m betting their grip on social media is pretty lax. This is an interesting topic though. What are some ways that CUs can effectively monitor and manage their brand in the blogosphere and World 2.0? Maybe they need to set up some Google Alerts…

  2. Google Alerts are so simple and can be such a life saver! They actual have a pretty good AdWords campaign going on and some decent SEO optimization , so I’d assume they were on top of things, but with a 2004 copyright, anything is possible! At least they are getting some good comments!

  3. I realize this is pretty old. I found it interesting that my opinion actually caught someones eye. Well since then I have continued banking at CCU, I have visited several other branches and have had great experiences. but this specific branch seems to just have a stick up their…… I’m sure you get the idea.

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