10 thoughts on “Which BarCampBank?”

  1. Either or. Seriously they are both going to be great but Shelvin has a point — because he is there. Maybe the question that needs to be asked is Why aren’t you going to BarCampBank SF or NE?

  2. I think it’s quite wonderful that there are going to be the two of them. So I think it’s simply, which are you closer to? Go to that one. If they are pretty much of equal traveling distance, go to the one which has more of the people you are interested in meeting or hearing speak. Or be like me and do both. 😉

    On the other hand, if we want to drum up some pub for them, we should artifically create a contest or fight between the two of them. Cause with all the winning going on in New England with the Red Sox, Patriots, and now Celtics, we’re gonna win any BarCampBank fight! 😉

  3. I vote San Francisco. Sure, New England is known for their Sox, Patriots, Celtics but the bay area is known for their MAC and ZOPA and Google and all innovative things cool.

    Seems like a better place to get creative. I wouldn’t want us to be distracted by winning teams!!! LOL!!!

    Go Seahawks btw……..

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