I’m a millennial/Gen Y and proud of it!

Last night 60 Minutes aired a piece on "Millennials", people born between 1980 and 1995 (aka Gen Y), entering the workforce and what complete junk. 

Apparently we are self-absorbed and we need to learn how to use a knife and a fork.  I don’t know about you guys, but I never had my parents speak to my college professors because I didn’t like my grade.  Oh and we have no idea what it is like to be at work at 9 o’clock and have someone hand us work.

Complete and utter one-sided BS.


Clips from the actual show: Part 1 & Part 2

Here’s the piece from 60 Minutes

Thoughts from 37Signals

YouTube Parody

12 thoughts on “I’m a millennial/Gen Y and proud of it!”

  1. I totally agree, Robbie! I was born in 1979, so I don’t fit snuggly into any generational category. Stories like this make me proud of that! 🙂

    I’ll never understand why such gross generalizations are allowed to be aired. It’s almost as if the producers are like, “OK, here’s what I believe a Millenial is like…go find 4 people who fit this description and video tape them!”

  2. Hey guys,

    Understand – Boomers are scared. Real scared. And they should be. Because each and every one of you could knock down their castles in a day and rebuild it better, stronger and smarter.

    I’m barely a boomer (1962) and that generation has been allowed to call the shots because of the sheer volume. Guess what? Echo of the Boom baby (Gen Y) the second largest genreation in history has arrived….the world is a changing!

    The average age of a 60 Minutes reporter is close to 75 now, so what do you expect? I wonder when they’ll grow the you-know-whats to maybe put a Gen Xer on staff??

  3. @Matt – Yeah, they were gross generaltions. I was shocked they actually aired it!

    @Denise – You are right, I think that they are afraid. We can build a better castle better and faster and they don’t like it. While they have a ton of knowledge that we need, very few actually share their insights because they are to scared. Most us are results-oriented, not how long were you in the office today. If you can get something done in 5 hours that normally takes 8 or 9, more power to you.

  4. As a media company, you don’t get viewers and ratings and coverage across the Internet by telling it like it is — you do it by stirring up controversy.

    A reporter can interview 100 people for a story. 99 can express support for an idea, and 1 can same something contradictory. Then the reporter writes the headline, “Issue appeals to some, angers others.” The spin makes it look 50/50.

    It’s not a bias for or against an issue, as liberals and conservatives love to argue. The simple fact is that controversial points-of-view draw attention, regardless of how few people hold those points-of-view.

  5. @Jeff – And that’s exactly what 60 Minutes “Senior” generation anchors and staff did. Took the (hopefully) minority opinion and portrayed it as the truth to their viewers. Now any uninformed person who watches 60 Minutes will believe that!

  6. It’s interesting how many people have been knocking millenials for our negative traits, whether true or not. It’s also amazing how many of these same people are trying to market to us and want to learn how to get into our pockets!

    Negative traits or not, I think everyone agrees that we have significant buying power and we are a market to pay attention to.

  7. Ahhhh, the generational gap.

    No matter what year it is, you can always hear the faint echoes of “When I was a kid…”

    The great thing about this generation (whatever you want to call it) is that they want to be self sufficient. They ll want to own their own business or control their destiny. Gone are the days of the gray flannel suit and the 30-year gold watches.

    Now, some of these kids want to be taken care of instead of forging their own path – but havent there always been these people. I work with the homeless and there are quite a few that choose that lifestyle. They make just enough on Social Security and welfare benefits to pay for the lifestyle that they can tolerate. And, according to them, they are happy.

    So before jumping all over the “Kids of Today” for being lazy and self-entitled, realize two things.

    Blanket statements cover us all like a “Dutch Oven” – they are cruel and smothering


    Over the past 200 years, people haven’t changed that drastically – stupidity is timeless 🙂

  8. Tony,

    Stupidity is timeless. And of course every generation “in charge” has to diss the one that will replace them. But they used to have to do it in the pubs, not publicly (cuz they didn’t have TV).

    Can’t you just imagine what folks said in 1907 as that young kid, Henry Ford was driving that loud stinky car around! Selfish bastards aren’t satisfied with walking or being pulled in a buggy by a horse! Those cars’ll NEVER catch on.

  9. It’s interesting that Millennials are often thought of as this elusive magic unicorn-thing when most of the generation is documenting who they are, what they love, what they’re doing, and on and on. We might be the most observable generation so far.

    Dear 60 Minutes: You have an arsenal of specific life-details (sometimes way too specific and way too detailed) to roll with. At this point, gross generalizations just mean you’re lazy.

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