More user generated CU ads

 Fairfax County Community Credit Union has launched a new campaign to have GenYer’s create a 30 second TV spot about why their GenY checking fits their lifestyle.  They are giving away $1,000 and an iPhone to the winner.  All submissions get posted up on their YouTube site and you get to vote on their website.  Forum CU has done a good job with some ads featuring members and I think have had pretty good luck with them so I’ll be interested to see Fairfax’s results!

Also of interest, the campaign appears to be ran by CavionPlus, now part of Harland.  I wonder if they have a prepackaged "GenY" marketing campaign…


5 thoughts on “More user generated CU ads”

  1. After examing the promo more closely, here are the highlights:

    * The style of the promo’s design is cool, and unexpected for FIs.
    * The logo for their Gen-Y Checking product is clever.
    * The prizes are enough to get the target audience in gear.
    * The entry reuqirements are straightforward and unburdensome.
    * They are providing resources for the prospective film makers.
    * Resources provided are helpful. There’s photos of the CU’s building, logos for the CU and the product, and even some clips (although I expect most people will ignore the clips). Download the ‘Extras’ and you’ll find a storyboard.

    TL&TOACUE: I have about 20 different Google Alerts, including one for “credit union” and “YouTube.” Can you please share the Google Alert terms used to trigger this result? If it’s sharing private mojo and you’d rather not, I understand.


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