In transit to Forum’s Partnership Symposium

Airports with free wifi are cool.  Portland has it and apparently Vegas has it.  I’ve been gone all this past weekend and now I’m getting to catch on the blogosphere.

Flying Southwest today for the first time and it is pretty interesting the different demographic that flies on Southwest.  They seem to be very similar to CU members….  More to come from the conference later…

5 thoughts on “In transit to Forum’s Partnership Symposium”

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  2. I paid the silly $7 fee to get online today, mostly because I had a 4 hour layover in Chicago and couldn’t wait. More places ought to have free WiFi though.

    By the way, I thought you did a great job with your presentation at the Symposium. What it said to me is that all of the cool startups don’t have to emerge from Silicon Valley and be based around the web. CUs have just as much opportunity in their space to grow meaningful, ancillary businesses that can serve their members and the industry.

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