Free Blogs for the CU Industry!

Yup you read the title right.  Free blogs.  But wait, you can get free blogs just about anywhere you say.  While that it true, I’ve grown slightly tired of seeing credit unions attempting to get into blogging using free tools like Blogger or  While both provide some basic functionality, neither are flexible enough to make great looking or feature-rich blogs.

I have setup to address just this issue.  Powered by WordPressMu, the multiple blog engine that is based on, anyone can sign-up instantly for a personal blog or a credit union blog.  One of the major differences between and is the ability to use plugins and have complete control of theme files of your site.  And obviously, there isn’t any software or servers for you to manage!

If you are a teller or the VP of Marketing and have been wanting to setup a blog about your CU, the CU industry, or just a personal  blog, stop by and set on up.  Play around it with it for a while and see if you like it!

I’m always looking for feedback, so comment on an article or drop me a line on the Contact page.  And if you are one of the 3000 or so CU’s without a homepage, drop me a line.  I would love the opportunity to help out any CU setup a free website!

7 thoughts on “Free Blogs for the CU Industry!”

  1. Before rushing into the blogosphere, consider how much writing is required. It’s a lot.

    You should make a list of 50 topics you could blog about. If you can’t come up with 50, you might want to reconsider. Fifty is one post per week, which is just about the absolute bare minimum to support a blog.

  2. Blogging takes some work. Jeff’s right, the min is one per week so keep it fresh. For myself, most of my ideas come to me during the week and I tend to find plenty of motivation, but that might not be the case for everyone. I’d encourage anyone to setup a blog and start writing some drafts and see how you like it!

  3. If someone can’t make at least one post a week, you are right they should not even consider a blog. If you really want you blog to do good you should post your own original content at least three times a week.
    I’m tired of seeing all these blogs with scraped content or nothing but rss feeds. I know that some blogs are starting to get aggressive in ridding spam blogs, it’s about time.

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