I thought I’d leave the rain in Oregon

But alas, it has followed me to San Fransisco for BarCampBankSF.  I’m a little miffed at my hotel, but that’s just life.  The "front desk" isn’t exactly helpful, their wireless internet is sketchy and doesn’t work in the rooms.  You have to come downstairs and sit in front of the "front desk" to get on.  And there is no TV’s in the room.  Ghetto.  My hotel is by the UC Berkeley campus, which, I’m told, is about a $50 cab ride from where I was supposed to meet Morris, Frederick, and the like for dinner tonight.  Oh well.  BCBSF starts tomorrow and it is going to be awesome!  We’ve got a great turnout and I can’t wait to experience the wonderful conversations!

Running two blogs is tough

Not only do you have to post twice as much, it is kinda a pain to get the relevant topics to each blog.  Then I get an idea for a post I really like and I’m torn which blog to put it on.  I want to put it on the Life & Times because I’ve got pretty good readership, but I also want to get the fi-linx blog up and running so I end up putting it there.  But it doesn’t have the readership so then I’m left doing the old double post, which I hate.  So this time I’m just going to say that I put something on the fi-linx blog that I want everyone to read rather than just double posting and making it look like I’m just running two of the same blog.  Anyways, there’s my rant for today.  Go check out my post on the fi-linx blog.  This whole blogging thing is tough!

What’s your criteria for adding to your blogroll?

I received an email last week from a CU vendor that recently launched a new blog and they are trying to get it off the ground.  They asked me to include their blog in my links section and I decided to think about it over the weekend.  I’ve heard the name of the company before, but I wasn’t that familiar with them.  Their site looks great, they’ve got good content in their blog for the niche they fill and they seem like nice people.  But what ultimately makes you add someone to your blogroll?  Quality contributions in comments around the blogosphere?  Good posts on their site?  Pretty mug shots on Twitter and LinkedIn?

Crazy week at the GAC!

I’m finally pulling my head up out of the ground after the GAC!  I didn’t have any time to post anything on the blog, but I did get a few things up on Twitter.  Being part of the Oregon Credit Union League, we met up with our state senators, had receptions, visited the Senate building and quite a few other things.  It was a crazy busy week.  Had dinner with Brent, Morris and Adam from everythingcu.com, some of the fine folks with Old West FCU, Kirk Drake from Ongoing Operations, and quite a few others.  It was a crazy week.  I was also fighting a gnarly cold the whole week and I thought I’d kick it when I got home but it only got worse.  I got home late Friday night, gave up, and went to the doctor on Tuesday only to find out I have bronchitis.  Oh yeah, I’ve got grand jury this week and next, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Anyways, GAC was awesome and I’d encourage anyone who can go to find a way to make it happen.  It was awesome seeing 4700 CU people all in the same place.