how much are you worth?

What do you get when you cross MySpace with your CU statements? You get NetworthIQ, who is bringing social networking to your finances.

Joe Web Surfer can log in and put down his or her generic asset/liability situation and track their own net worth over time AND compare their net worth to others in their age,income bracket,education level, etc.

Assuming everyone is being honest, it could be a pretty good education tool for employees, members, the youth market, etc.

Anyways, go check it out. I’ve got to run because my dog is telling me that he has to take me on a walk.

Welcome Loren

I’d like to welcome Loren Paulsen as a new contributing author to The Life and times of a Credit Union Employee. Loren brings a highly technical expertise to the blog and he’s full of new technology ideas that will push the limits of many credit unions. I’m looking forward to his first post….. 🙂

Sharebuilder rocks

I’ve been personally using ShareBuilder for the last few months now and it has carved itself a nice little blue ocean. None of the other brokerages can compete with the automatic ACH investments. And at 4 bucks per, or even $12/month for their standard program with 6 free scheduled trades, it’s incredibly reasonable. No minimums, no hidden fees. Just $4 unless you want more than their basic package.

And they have it all, IRA’s, Visa’s with 1% back into your MMA, which is earning high 4’s at the moment, 401k’s, etc. And Sharebuilder does have re-branding services and partners frequently with financial institutions.

If you’re not already using them, you need to try it out!

I’m giving away the gold…

If you are reading this blog, I’m sure that you’ve heard of the “One” Account. (

The Filene research paper ( says that there’s about five steps to get the One Account. Well I have the answer to get you immediately to step 4.
What product do you have that you have ACH credit access, check access, and credit card access?

If you answered HELOC, you are correct.

Take a HELOC for the entire value of the home and add credit card access. Boom. You have a One Account.