NACUSO LogoThe NACUSO 2010 Annual Conference is nearing its end already. As is frequently the case with solid credit union conferences, we’ve been going non-stop since our arrival on Sunday.  We’ve had Gary Mangiofico from Pepperdine, John Fish from AstraZenca and Michael Taylor from Schelling Point, with more to come tomorrow. Rather than even try to update everyone on the presentations, go check out the Twitter feed from the conference. A few of us have been live blogging when possible and it’ll give you great insight into some of the discussions going down. As a side note, conference organizers should put all of the speakers’ presentations on Slideshare so everyone can get a copy of them.

As is usual with NACUSO, the caliber of people that this conference attracts is amazing. These are hands down, the most innovative and entrepreneurial people in the entire credit union industry. The things that people at the conference have been able to accomplish is amazing. Ongoing Operations of Hagerstown, Maryland, for example, won the 2010 CUSO of the Year award for their outstanding disaster recovery services. They have over 125 credit union clients and 20(ish) credit union owners in the actual CUSO demonstrating what real collaboration can accomplish.

The theme NACUSO has been driving home is collaboration and innovation throughout the whole week. The speakers have really brought home many of the concepts and done a great job talking about the good, and the bad, of collaboration and innovation.

Check out CU Times for for some more coverage from Michelle Samaad and don’t forget to check out the Twitter feed. Make sure to try and make it a point to attend next year. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a crash together for it…

My GAC 2010 Acceptance Speech

First off, I’d like to thank God, for without Him, nothing is possible. I’d like to thank my family, my wife, and my new son Mason, for being supportive of all of the long hours I had to put in over the week. I’d like to extend a very large thank you to CUNA for putting the GAC on in the first place. It is an incredible, must attend event for all credit union professionals. Also, without CUNA, Crash the GAC would never have been able to attend the entire conference and become involved with the great sessions and events. Thanks to their generous sponsorship, the GAC was tweeted about nearly 1000 times which translates to a ton of free press for CUNA and the ability to extend their conference to people around the US and the world who were not able to attend.

I’d like to extend a huge thanks to Palmetto Cooperative Services and Mark Curran for putting up the crashers in our two star lodging for the week and picking up the tab for dinner and drinks on a few occasions. Another big thanks goes out to CU Swag (and PTP New Media) and James Robert Lay for the killer Crash the GAC t-shirts. I’d also like to thank all of the crashers and their sponsoring credit unions for come up to DC and livin’ it up at the GAC.

And finally, I’d like to thank the master behind the curtain, Brent Dixon and his design shop, The Haberdashery, for his amazing work at putting this together. Also, Filene, who supported Brent in his quest to bring under 30 professionals to the GAC. Without Brent, none of this would have been possible!

I’d also like to thank my personal trainer, my dog… (cue music)

Trying to get caught up after the CUES Experience

Like Brent mentioned at OSCU a few days I ago, I’ve been putting off writing another entry in my blog until I can make it perfect and in the mean time it’s been like 3 weeks since I posted.  Way to long.

The CUES Experience rocked.  It was the youngest credit union conference I have been to yet.  It was very refreshing to see so many new credit union people and young professionals excited about credit unions.

Kuhlmann from ING gave it to the credit unions.  He rocked.  If a bank can be so focused on their story that they fire customers, why can’t CU’s.  It makes me sad that so many CU’s are going after growth for the sake of growth with community charters and are trying to be everything to everyone.  Stick with your story, but find new ways to make it work!  Your story rocks!  Use it.

I thought I’d leave the rain in Oregon

But alas, it has followed me to San Fransisco for BarCampBankSF.  I’m a little miffed at my hotel, but that’s just life.  The "front desk" isn’t exactly helpful, their wireless internet is sketchy and doesn’t work in the rooms.  You have to come downstairs and sit in front of the "front desk" to get on.  And there is no TV’s in the room.  Ghetto.  My hotel is by the UC Berkeley campus, which, I’m told, is about a $50 cab ride from where I was supposed to meet Morris, Frederick, and the like for dinner tonight.  Oh well.  BCBSF starts tomorrow and it is going to be awesome!  We’ve got a great turnout and I can’t wait to experience the wonderful conversations!

Crazy week at the GAC!

I’m finally pulling my head up out of the ground after the GAC!  I didn’t have any time to post anything on the blog, but I did get a few things up on Twitter.  Being part of the Oregon Credit Union League, we met up with our state senators, had receptions, visited the Senate building and quite a few other things.  It was a crazy busy week.  Had dinner with Brent, Morris and Adam from, some of the fine folks with Old West FCU, Kirk Drake from Ongoing Operations, and quite a few others.  It was a crazy week.  I was also fighting a gnarly cold the whole week and I thought I’d kick it when I got home but it only got worse.  I got home late Friday night, gave up, and went to the doctor on Tuesday only to find out I have bronchitis.  Oh yeah, I’ve got grand jury this week and next, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Anyways, GAC was awesome and I’d encourage anyone who can go to find a way to make it happen.  It was awesome seeing 4700 CU people all in the same place.

WCUL 007 Part Deux

I’m finally home after the large flying debacle at HorizonWCUL 007 went pretty well this year.  Probably somewhere over 100 exhibitors and lots of credit union participants.  It is great to see that many credit unions in one place together!

I went to a few seasons, the first being from Elaine Whitton at Advanced Reporting, one of our CUSO’s that does employment and tenant screening.  I also sat through Brent and Trey from Trabian and The Waz’s session on social media on Thursday afternoon.  It’s always refreshing watching credit union execs react when they learn how Second Life really works.  Sheri from Verity was also there and makes an awesome example of a CU blogging.

Overall, it was a great time and I can’t wait to get back to it next year!

WCUL Convention

The entourage of us just landed in Spokane earlier today and setup two booths in the "ballroom".  I’m here with CU Wireless, MaPS’ cell phone CUSO, and Advanced Reporting, our employment/tenant/background/credit check company.  I’ll be bouncing around between the two booths all week, so if anyone is in town, drop on by!

I’ll be posting any relevant updates for the goings-ons at the trade show as well as heckling Trey and Brent from the back of the room during their session.  Beautiful day in Spokane and can’t wait for the rest of the week!

By the way, WCUL is the Washington Credit Union League.