Welcome to Numbers, CU Innovators call report data solution.

While the NCUA has been providing call report data for many years, it has always been structured in such a way that makes it problematic to use unless you were a database administrator. There are a few others solutions available to the enterprising use, but none give the flexibility required for a custom reporting solution or web application. Wading through the details every quarter to update Excel spreadsheets is monotonous and takes up valuable time. With Numbers, all that is a thing of the past.

How it Works

Numbers aggregates all of the NCUA 5300 reports into one, centralized online database. This database can then be accessed through Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, or programmatically using .NET or PHP.

Each quarter, CU Innovators updates the database with the latest information from the NCUA. This data is then combined with other sources, such as shared branching locations, and put through a rigorous cleaning process to ensure the most accurate information is available. Custom data is also available that normally is not included with the 5300 report, such as peer group desciptions, NCUA regions, and other data.

How to use Numbers

  1. Have an idea. See blog post for hints.
  2. Know how you want to access the data (Excel, Crystal Reports, etc)
  3. Contact us to get a username and password
  4. Use the provided connection string
  5. Start hacking the data
  6. Use data dictionary (PDF) to get familiar with the data


Numbers is free to use during our beta period. Play around with it, suggest improvements, or build reports. It is a playground. In the future, we do plan on charging a nominal monthly access fee per company or per application. Feedback is always welcome!

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